Betts Telecom Oklahoma
Specializing in Fiber Optic and Copper Networks

We have ongoing relationships with general contractors, electrical contractors, ITcompanies, and networking consultants who depend on Betts Telecom for their clients' cabling installation needs.
For a reliable cabling  subcontractor, look no further than Betts Telecom Oklahoma. We know the importance of having a project done right the first time at a competitive price.

Our copper, coax, and fiber cabling installations are performed by certified cabling installers and technicians who take pride in their work and understand deadlines. This translates into a smooth-running project and overall client satisfaction.
Partnering with Betts Telecom Oklahoma can increase your revenues by offering a value-added service to your clients.  With Betts Telecom Oklahoma as a trusted partner, you can leverage our core capabilities to potentially win more contracts and close more sales.
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